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Here you can read the most frequently asked questions concerning our waiting list, e.g. how to sign up for Bolignøglen or change settings in our self service module Mit KAB. 


FAQ - signing up

Bolignøglen is a waiting list with 40.000 housing opportunities. You pay an annual fee and a fee for signing up. When your sign up is registered, you will receive a standard letter with your personal information and waiting list number, the so-called opnoteringsnummer.

You can sign up for the waiting list at the age of fifteen. However, you need to be eighteen years of age in order to sign a contract for your new home.

Sign up for Bolignøglen: Enter your personal information and type of payment. The fee is 400 kr. for signing up to the waiting list. Within eight days you’ll receive a standard letter with your personal information and waiting list number (opnoteringsnummer).

Now, you can log in to Mit KAB using your NemID and your waiting list number (opnoteringsnummer) and mark your specific housing preferences. Go to Mit KAB

You can also sign up to a waiting list for a specific housing estate by using Boligsøgning. Please be aware that this only allows you to seek housing within this specific organization.

See How-to manuals for Mit KAB

When you have signed up for the waiting list and your payment is confirmed, you will receive a certificate called “opnoteringsbevis”. The document contains your waiting list number and the date of seniority. You need to keep this certificate and inform us of your waiting list number any time you contact us.

KAB offers student housing and it’s free of charge to sign up for the waiting list.  Read more about Youth- and student housing

Go to application form

You can easily be removed from the waiting list at KAB. Just send an email to containing your waiting list number and ask to be erased from the waiting list. You can also send a letter or contact us in person.


Vester Voldgade 17

1552 København V

Att.: Udlejningsafdelingen

FAQ - payment

Betalingsservice/PBS ensures that future invoices will be paid on time.

You need to contact your bank with the following information:

  • Kundenummer
  • Debitorgruppenummer
  • PBS-nummer

The numbers are found in Mit KAB, faneblad 1. Go to Mit KAB

If you rent an apartment with a private kitchen, you might be able to get housing benefits (boligstøtte). It is a benefit that the state provides as a supplement to the rent and depends, among other things, on factors like personal income. Read more about housing benefits at

Please contact Udbetaling Danmark if you wish to apply for housing benefits.

Contact Udbetaling Danmark by phone 70 12 80 63.


The first time you log in to Mit KAB, you need to activate your profile by entering an activation code, your waiting list number (opnoteringsnummer) and NemID.  Your activation code and waiting list number are sent in separate letters. Once activated you just need your waiting list number and NemID for future logins. Get NemID 

Download activation-guide 

See how to activate your profile, change your status, get a new activation code and add new housing preferences. 

Go to How-to manuals for Mit KAB (pdf-format)

FAQ - waiting time

It is not possible for us to tell you exactly when you will get a place to live. It depends on how long you have been on a waiting list, your personal preferences and on current residents moving elsewhere. If you have signed up to KAB's waiting list, Bolignøglen, the waiting time is 1-20 years.

Find information about waiting time on our website

“Fleksibel udlejning” is a concept that, under specific circumstances, might give you an opportunity to move up on the waiting list. There are different criteria for moving up on the waiting list, e.g. age, employment status and marital status. There are different criteria in different municipalities. Check out the possibility for “fleksibel udlejning” at the specific housing estate.

When you sign up for the waiting list at KAB (Bolignøglen) you’ll be placed on the external waiting list. Once you get the keys to your new home, you can sign up for the internal waiting list in the specific housing estate. An internal waiting list number will give you a priority spot on the waiting list. This could be an advantage compared to the external waiting list, if you, for example, want to move into at bigger apartment within your current housing estate.

FAQ - housing offer

You always have to reply when you get a housing offer to inform us whether you’re interested or not.


I accept the housing offer

  • Return the signed coupon by mail, e-mail (scanned copy) or pay us a personal visit at the main office.

I decline the housing offer

  • Same as above or by telephone
  • Call 80 20 20 12 or 33 63 10 00


Our contact address:


Vester Voldgade 17

1552 København V

Att.: Udlejningsafdelingen


Even if you accept a housing offer, you’re not guaranteed the specific housing offer. The offer is given to several people on the waiting list and whether or not you’ll be offered a lease depends on your seniority on the waiting list.

You don’t have to accept a housing offer, but if you reject an offer several times, we’ll put your waiting list number on hold. You’ll keep your seniority on the waiting list, but will not receive any housing offers. We will send you a letter regarding changing of your preferences.

If you don’t respond to a housing offer, we’ll put your waiting list number on hold and you won’t get any new housing offers.

If you want to change your status to “active” again, you need to contact us by phone. Call 33 63 10 00.

When your waiting list is set to “active”, you’ll automatically receive notifications with information about vacant housing opportunities that match your criteria and seniority.

If your status on the waiting list is set to “non-active”, it means that your application is put on hold and you won’t receive any housing offers.

Either way, you keep your placement and seniority on the waiting list.

When you have signed a lease, your waiting list number will be erased. If you want to get at new waiting list number, you can do so when you have moved into your new residence. Now you can apply for both the external and the internal waiting list.