City planning and affordable housing with a social, green and economical focus.

Come join us at this session at KAB - the largest organization of nonprofit affordable housing in Denmark.

KAB offers you the chance to learn more about how we balance sustainability with urban regeneration, community building and innovative partnering. In short - KAB strives to balance our efforts between climate friendly construction, affordable housing and the social aspects of our tennants every-day-lives.

We invite you to join us at KAB and learn more about how we combine affordable housing and sustainable communities in Greater Copenhagen.

We hope that the different talks will inspire you to Live Like Tomorrow.

Date, time and location

Wednesday October 9, 2019 from 17:00 to 18:40 & 18:40 to 19:40.
The event includes complementary tapas and networking.
Studiestræde 38, 1455 København K. See location.


17:00-17:10. Welcome – CEO Jens Elmelund

CEO Jens Elmelund opens the event by setting the framework for C40 - Living Like Tomorrow in KAB. Why is sustainability a key focus point for the Social Housing Sector and how can Social Housing contribute to a more sustainable future?

17:10-17:40. CLIMATE – Sustainable construction of Affordable Housing

Director of Construction in KAB Rolf Andersson talks about constraints and solutions in constructing affordable housing in a city where sustainability is a key selling point.

17:40-18:10. ECONOMIC – Affordable Housing and Sustainable communities -  Case from KAB​

Special Accounts Manager Mikkel Kjøgx explains how AlmenBolig+ - a building concept developed by KAB - combines affordable housing with sustainable communities.

18:10-18:40. SOCIAL – Sustainability as a “driver” for community building in socially deprived housing areas

Head of Social Development Mikkel Warming explains how awareness on sustainability can be used as a force for mobilizing and building communities in deprived housing areas.

18:40-19:40. Tapas and networking.


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Short film about KAB

Read about KAB

KAB is Denmark’s largest administrator of non-profit housing. We administer just under 64,000 dwellings in more than 500 estates for 60 non-profit housing associations and municipalities in the Capital Region of Denmark. 

Reasonable rents

No one should make money from non-profit housing. In the case of non-profit housing, the rent is determined by the costs involved in running the estate, repayments on loans etc. Therefore, non-profit housing is often less expensive than other types of housing.

Tenants’ democracy is our bedrock

When you live in non-profit housing, not only do you get great housing at a reasonable rent – you also have influence on the decisions that are made in relation to the estate in which you live.

Tenants’ democracy is the basic principle in all non-profit estates. It is the tenants themselves who elect members to, and can be elected as members, the estate board and help make crucial decisions.

Focus on sustainability

KAB is owned by the housing associations it administers, and together, we are the KAB Community.

Every year, at a meeting of the Board of Representatives, the housing associations elect an Estate Board for KAB, which in close partnership with the Executive Management, marks out the general direction for the development of KAB. Focus areas include, for example, the tenants’ well-being and sustainability. We interpret sustainability broadly – we focus on the environmental, financial and social aspects.

Room for everyone

KAB was established in 1920 and, from the very beginning, our goal has been to create outstanding housing for everyone – and that goal is still at our very core to this day. We are highly aware of our social responsibility and play an active role in the development of the great city.

In our view, the great city is a diverse city, and ‘spaciousness’ is a key word. There should be room for everyone, regardless of age, life situation and income. The housing associations in the KAB Community ensure this through inexpensive housing, but also through social housing initiatives – not least in vulnerable housing areas. Not only does this ensure the tenants’ well-being and sense of security, it also underpins the thriving neighbourhood.


Even though KAB has 100 years’ experience, our sights are always set on renewal. The housing associations in the KAB Community will not just keep up with the times, they will also build for the housing needs of the future. In the last 10 years alone, we have developed a number of new living concepts, for example, AlmenBolig+, Basisboligen and Venligbolig+. Types of housing, each of which have their own target groups. However, the one thing they have in common is that they are particularly inexpensive and create ample opportunity for engagement and a sense of community. And that is precisely KAB’s mission: to create the frameworks for a great life.


Combines affordable housing with sustainable communities.



Venligbolig Plus

Accommodation for two people - two students or two refugees.








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